Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tuesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Today was good, cold but sun. Walked the dog, went to the boat and pumped it out, now back in the warm to construct another blog of pictorial humour just for you!

Wombat is happy!

Fire at the maruana farm!

Thanks Klaus!

Must trust!

What one sees is not always what one gets!

This Ladies and Gentlemen is Marketing!

My Era!

 Thanks Ann!

Christie Brinkley is 61,
Nobody says that this photo is contemporary!!!

Never believe the ratings -
Ginger doesn't understand how that works!

On the night out the first phone that rings the owner pays the bill!

 Thanks again Klaus!

"That was the last time that I let a Motorcyclist
drive my car!"

 Thanks yet again Klaus!

Big waves in the North Sea recently!

You remember what I always say!
This takes the biscuit!

At last! The Great Late Dennis Healy has been surpassed!

My diet ruined already!

Even More Wisdon from the QI Elves

Eeeeeee Hawww! - Remember them?

That must have stung!

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Largely cloudy with limited bright or sunny spells. South Westerly winds 5mph, gusting 10mph  Min -3c  Max 4c  Chance of rain 15%
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