Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Modesty does not permit me to make too much of a Hoo Hah, but tonight's Funny Blog is number 1500. The first was on 16th February 2012.
In that time we have had 270,000 hits. Business as usual tonight, but the first Gif is the very first one from that first blog.....

Hmmm! That's interesting - it's backwards!!!

The Quebecois pranksters are at it again!......

Me too pal!

A Qatari takes his hawks on the plane!

Science - just a bit useful!

Do not do that! - Tee Hee!

 Thanks Derek!

Sibling rivalry!

Maybe one day he will be a candidate for President!

Neat! A pickle jar with an elevator!

Simple, but very effective art..

It may be play but Percy Pufferfish just went Ooooooofffffff!

Arnie politely destroys a bigot!

Thanks Derek!

Foxes can have fun too!

This teacher wore the same tanktop in the school yearbook for 40 years!

Harwich Weather for Monday!

A little more cloud than over the weekend, but still plenty of strong Spring sunshine. A moderate Easterly breeze will once again taking the edge off temperatures. Maximum temperature 14 deg C.
Thanks Essexweather.com

Harwich Weather Now

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