Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Another day working on the boat, should go back to the water tomorrow, but that's doubtful, and it's getting colder! The Marina is very busy, never mind I will now try and amuse y'all with more pictorial fun!

OK Smartybum - How are you going to swallow that?

From our near neighbours across the sea - the Dutch
a funny ad for TV!

In Finland the frost remains in the shadow!

Clever, but why not just put a bolt on the door?

Impressive shot of an Atlas launch taking stores to the ISS

We've all been here! Now comes USBc which can go either way up, however you have to have equipment with the right sockets!

Yup - he's chilling!

This is Fort Jefferson off the coast of Florida, built to reduce Caribbean Piracy!

Picture of his Grandma aged 40 in 1973!

Unfortunate choice of font Kids!

The Cookie Monster hitches a ride!

Is that a submarine periscope? No it's Baby Jumbo following his Mum!

Sorry I cannot believe that anything in nature could make a web like that!
Unless you know better!

Depends if you're doing percentage off or percentage on.....
I think they're right!

A chunk of brick wall eroded by the sea

Street scene in Norfolk Va - It's the USS Wisconsin BTW

Capybara is groomed by Squirrel Monkeys!

This little girl gives Princess Leia the plans of the Death Star at a Starwars Convention!

Not much to say.......large Walrus asleep on a Russian Submarine!

Not Harwich Pilots - I hope!

Sometimes it's not good to get what you wish for!

More Wisdom from The QI Elves

Harwich Weather for Monday

A breezy and generally cloudy day. Mostly dry through the morning, but outbreaks of rain will spread from the North-West during the afternoon. Turning colder during the evening. Maximum temperature 15 deg C.

Harwich Weather Now

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