Friday, 11 August 2017

Friday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, We were busy in the garden today, after the rain the weeds have been going berserk!
Now it is once again time for a new version of our funny blog.....

Mine's bigger than yours!

Even the Judge giggled!

Contrived - but not well!

Meet "The Ram" hairdo.....
but why???

Attempt to go under age drinking!

Political comment of the day!

Dad's duty - to embarrass their kids!

Hmmm! Another truth!

More political comment!

We love Murica - but............Really?????

No Public this IKEA doorway isn't real!!!!

Tiffany soon learned that soccer could at times be painful!

Yesterday it was the face swap - today - the hair swap!


Jesus seems to be a bit dodgy at driving!

Guys!!! - They're back!!!

Recalls the 1930s, becoming relevant in 2017

Tibbles deathwish!

Derek's Joke
Thanks Derek!

The novel ways they misuse technology nowadays!

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Early cloud and patchy rain will clear during the morning to leave a mostly dry afternoon with sunny spells. Less breezy.
Maximum temperature: 20 deg C 
Wind: North-West 9 mph, gusting 20 mph

UV Level: 5 | Pollen Level: 4 | Air Pollution: 2
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your support!



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