Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was very windy here today, shopped as usual for 91 year old, and collected her tablets, and made it home before the rain arrived.Stayed in after that, which gave me some time to trawl up a few more pictures which I hope will make you smile!

He doesn't like his nails clipped!

Another classic! - English humour!

I do believe that Towser is hungry!

I usually like the Cousins' slogans, but this one is suspect!

Who's a pretty boy then?
(I dare you to try and take it off him!)

Jamaica! - Classic!

It happens!

It says "The rare picture of a washing machine giving birth!"
 Thanks Klaus!

It says "The Cat? No haven't seen him!"

Thanks again Klaus!

It says "Turn round Dieter - Turn round!"

 Thanks yet again Klaus!

Novel Contour wooden basin!

Front row! Oh Yes!!!

 Thanks Jaini!

After the freezing fog his Jaguar had changed into another animal!

What did he do then?

Really? Is that Fake News perhaps?

It appears he was blissfully unaware as to the outcome!

Now that is a Review!

Those old Russians - they're tough!

Yet again we can laugh at other people's misfortune!

Harwich Weather for Friday

A dry and bright start for many, though winds increasing through the morning as isolated showers develop. A dry and fine end to the day is expected.
Maximum temperature: 9 deg C 
Wind: West 13 mph, gusting 24 mph
Thanks Esseweather.com

Thanks for calling by!



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