Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Midweek Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Yet again hot hot hot. Spent most of the day cowering inside, guzzling water. It has cooled down now so I will have a bash at producing and other masterpiece - just for you!

Chewbacca - cosplay

Oldies making great moves!

Thanks Klaus!

Ha! Seems like a plan!

He forgot he had his tracker in his pocket when he took a flight!

I support your protest!


Oldie but goodee!

She likes the chocolate!

In UK this get up is called "Howard and Hilda"!

Well sone sir - love it!

From hole to home - some people!

This upside down photo of bats looks like they're at the football doing a Mexican wave!

It says " When your team has won and you're so high
 you forget the girlfriend is on your shoulders!"

Thanks Klaus!

Moving and effective memorial!
Somewhere in India

Unusual and clever face swap!

Once a thing has been seen - it cannot be unseen!

At a WW2 museum in Normandy, the mannequin looks a bit like Bruce Willis!

This may be coming to us Friday!

Followed by this!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

A largely dry day with strong sunshine leading to very hot conditions developing. However, there will also be the risk of the odd thunderstorm developing later.
Maximum temperature: 32 deg C 
Wind: South-East 10 mph, gusting 20 mph

UV Level: 6 (High) | Pollen Level: 2 (Low)
Thanks Essexweather.com

My Weather cam at 1915 - at last it's cooling down!

Thanks for calling by!



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