Sunday, 18 March 2012

Funnies on Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that you have had a good weekend! Today is Mothering Sunday, we visited Mother in Law this morning and we are invited out to our son's and parter's house for dinner ! Really looking forward to that! - so an early publication today. Here are the Funnies.

1.  The stars as seen from the ISS

2.  This Kibbutz is where our Israeli Family live, so the backgrounds are familiar.
I'm a Kibbutznik and I know it  - Thanks Keren for this one!

3.  Thanks to Geoff for this, if you have vertigo or are scared of heights....don't watch this! It is gut wrenching  Climbing a 1750ft mast


                                                         We can fix it!

                                              Photobomb 549

                                                         No it's Rabies!

 It started with a Hiss!

                                               Other people's Farts!

Harwich Weather
From Polley's Fun weather station

Time 17.33
Temperature   6.2c
Humidity  84%
Barometer  1019 mb  Rising
Rainfall  4.4mm
Wind  Direction  NE  Speed  0.2 Kn


Clear Skies

Please enjoy the rest of your day!


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