Saturday, 14 April 2012

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family & Friends, A busy day for us commissioning two new computer builds. So it wasn't until this evening that I was able to go foraging for more Interweb Fun........here they are -

1.  From John, a funny link about speed control on roads in Canada
Sorry  John, found it was a hoax, it's actually a suspension advert from Mumbai

2.  They say "dance like no one's watching" maybe they should have told  This lady!

3. After the skipping dog now we have...

4.  I can't resist these........More people falling over

That face you make when you prove somone wrong!


                                        Learned to mind my own business!

                                                             Old as Hell!

                                                              Clever USB hub and pens

                                           Intelligent Mailbox

                                         He can do everything

Harwich Weather Tonight

Time  22.20
Temperature 4.5c
Humidity  63%
Barometer  1010 mb  Rising
Rainfall  1.5mm
Wind  Direction  NW  Speed  0.3 Kn


Partly cloudy
Mostly dry

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