Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dear Family & Friends, it was a slightly below average day in Harwich today. Windy, heavy showers and most of the day taxiing old ladies! - Oh! Did my Halo slip? Never mind here are some more things -

1.  I cannot imagine why they did this it is an amazing piece of electronics, but it seems to be totally useless, that was 5 years ago what were you doing Sony???

2.  Every now and again we spot a little something which is beautiful - all in a Second

3.  Another prank, but this one is cute based around a Slushi

4. Thanks to John for this one..........Clever Sailor


Handy Frizbee Holder

                                           Free Shrimp

                                          Problems of the Western World!

                                                  Nothing to say here

                                         True so true!

Thanks Mike!

Harwich Weather Tonight
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time  22.40
Temperature  7.8c
Humidity  80%
Barometer  986 mb  Rising slowly
Rainfall  5.2 mm
Wind Direction  W  Speed  2.3 Kn


Partly cloudy with rain in the afternoon
Cloudy possibly rain pm

By the way, I have just ordered new weather equipment
with which I hope to be able to give you
more accurate reports and forecasts
Watch this space!


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