Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Funnies for this Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, Midweek already! Time flies when you're having fun. I hope yours was a fun day! I found these...........

1.  This young lady has an amazing Talent!

2.  Furniture - quite boring, unless you have limited space in which case

3.  This is one of those clever but somehow annoying
 "Mousetrap" machines, this however is for me one of the Best!

4.  My favourite link tonight "Interpretive Dance" performing to Queen

Tip: Especially for the Oldies, if you don't want to bother clicking on the thumbnails, you can zoom by holding down the CTRL key and turning the mouse wheel or zooming on the trackpad

 BRB -Never!


                                                      Smart self stir mug

                                                          Grizzly Chair!

                                         He uses Phone

                                         This really works!

                                           Brain Crochet

Thanks Derek!

Harwich Weather Tonight
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time 22.15
Temperature 6.1c
Humidity  55%
Barometer  998  Steady
Rainfall  4.8mm
Wind  Direction  NNW  Speed  0.0 Kn


Mostly cloudy with a chance of a thunderstorm and rain in the afternoon
Mostly Cloudy with chance of Thunderstorms

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