Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, How was your day? Not too bad I hope! Still April showers here in Harwich. I had some computer work, and helped a friend with some chores, so it was evening before I started the hunt for yet more funny stuff..........

1.  Excuse me would you take a picture for us Certainly!

2.  Here's another nicely made compilation of clips of Earthly things

3.  Last a short clip by the incomparable Michael McIntyre


                                           Starwars Wheelie bin

                                      Only in Ireland

                                        Now where did I put the soap?

                                 Oh! Here comes the Dalai Lama

                                             How to break your back

Thanks Mike!

Thanks John!

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather Tonight

Time 22.45
Humidity  76%
Barometer  997 mb  Steady
Rainfall  10.7 mm
Wind  NW  0.0 Kn


Overcast with rain
Rain, then more rain!

Thanks very much for visiting!



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