Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Funnies on Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends,  It was very windy and wet in Harwich today. We therefore stayed home and I had a chance to find for you a few more "Little Gems"......

1.  Is this possible? A Monster truck doing a  Double Backflip

2.  In the transport department how about sledging behind a

3. These chaps are champs at Speed Climbing

4.  This is how Lego is made - very nice, my main reason for putting this on is that our Grandson wants Lego for his Birthday, but he hasn't made up his mind which model he wants yet ???


                                          Pepperspray - it gets Everywhere!

                                         Croky back?

                                                           Before and After

I'll Help!

                                           Hey Mum!

Boogie Woogie

Thanks John!

Harwich Weather Tonight
From Polley's Fun Weather Station

Time  22.15
Temperature  8.0c
Humidity  64%
Barometer  978 mb  Steady
Rainfall  5.5mm
Wind  Direction  SSW  Speed  9.0 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain
Overcast with showers

Thanks for calling by!



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