Saturday, 26 May 2012

Funnies on Saturday

Dear Family & Friends,  Costa del Harwich, here we are basking in 24c, nice breeze - I think that I will stay here! We are early tonight, because we are going to a European Song Contest Party tonight....it's always rubbish, but we have a bet on the winner and a drink or two - wish me luck!

1.  Total silliness you have an Afro and - Pencils fall out

2.  Billed as " This is bound to happen at least once in our lives"The vacuum doesn't suck!

3.  Are you old enough to remember Percy Edwards the Bird man? I'm not sure if this is him, but 


What's wrong with you!

Good old PC Plod! - Thanks Egg!



I'll have some!

Thanks Klaus!


May be a cloud or two, but still NICE!

Thanks for viewing!



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