Saturday, 5 May 2012

Funnies for this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, It's out early today, because we are out tonight, and when we return it will be late, and I might not be able to see the screen properly!

1. We call them dummies, they call them pacifiers
in any event this show the real human nature

2. Also on the cute animal thing how about otters

3.  Beautiful Panorama of Paris don't pan too fast or you'll get  Airsick!
 Thanks Mike!

4.  Last - as seen on Breakfast TV this morning -
Waterskiing Squirrel you couldn't make it up!


                                      Get in the van

                                       Luxus trailer!

                                   Computer airbag

                                        They have to say something

                                       DIY stretched limo

                                     Facebook is everywhere!

Thanks a ever Klaus!

I never throw them away, 
and my Funnies now total
more than 5000!
So I decided to share them with you, 
if you follow the link below
You can see some of them,
We'll start with
I will leave them for a few days and then change them to "B"

Harwich Weather

Time 15.00
Temperature  11.9c
Humidity  51%
Barometer  1011 mb  Falling
Rainfall 0.0mm
Wind  ESE  3.1 Kn


Overcast with a chance of rain
Cloudy with chance of rain - again!

Thanks for calling by!



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