Thursday, 31 May 2012

Funnies on this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, It will soon be the weekend, and unless you are blind and deaf you will know that it is The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and we get 4 days off - Yay!

1.  Two young girls making percussion with margarine tubs odd but somewhat nice Call your girlfriend

2.  Chinese of course, some spectacular moves on a Unicycle

3.  Remember Steve and Norm's New Yankee Workshop on early satellite TV ? Well here's Norm describing an amazing  Toolchest

Hey come and look in here!


I wish I could get away with that!

Stephen Fry as he will be seen on the Simpsons

Well we got the sofa in there!

Spot the Human - yes Jim is in there!

Our Council's Pot Hole repair team

Yes they ARE called Hoglets

Thanks Klaus!


Cloudy - Chance of rain

Thanks for visiting!



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