Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Funnies on this Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, As it is a quiet day in our town of Harwich today, it has given me time to sort out my Linux computer and find you more stuff....

1.  There are some crazies I am glad that I was not at the bottom of the hill! Large Tractor tyre

2.  I am very fond of pengiuns, although I could't eat a whole one!  Penguins Jumping

3. German Humour - the Water Bed  Prank

4.  Here's Graham Norton at his best  Ladies Toilet Prank

5.  Three ladies "Of a certain age" watch  The Kardashian Sex clip you don't get to see it - sorry!

Here is a Hurricane Warning!


                                                Thanks Martin!

                                            Pick up lines

                                      Thanks Klaus

                                           Not Drunk

                                          No comment available


Harwich Weather Today

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