Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Funnies on this Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, We won the Euromillions Lotto! .....Well the winnings of £ 3.20 didn't even cover the

 £ 4.00 tickets, but hey! Wait till Friday!....

Here are your Funnies

1.  Did you se the Cuban Pole Vaulter? - Whoops!

2.  Another prank from the Cousins Strongest Girl Scout

3.  The Evolution of dance By a Robot - seriously!

4.  Thanks Mike for this one...Snooker Tricks


She gets mad!

I Googled Chinese mustard and wasn't entirely
 disappointed with the result

Today's Caption Competition

Let it go

Michael Phelps

Thanks Chaps!


Mainly sunny with some cloud

Thank you very much for calling!



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