Saturday, 27 October 2012

Funnies for this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, it was a rubbish day in Harwich, hail, heavy rain, but we did have a beautiful rainbow!

Here are some more "Little Gems"...

1.  IPS Monitors - the next thing - so real they are Scary!

2.  A Magnum 500 is a huge pistol with a big punch, you can see the guy has to hold it with 2 hands see what it can do to Water Melons!

3.  One cat, one green fig, see what happens 


I was just having a quiet leak when......

This guy h=is organised

Terminator needs....

Behind You!!!

For Halloween

They discovered a new breed of primate
they call him...

Sorry I forgot who sent me this
Thanks anyway!!!


More of the same...

Thanks for calling by!



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