Friday, 1 February 2013

Funnies at the Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that you will have a great Weekend, It will be a bit colder but brighter. here are my feeble attempts to amuse!...

1.  Quadbike on runway - Not the place to be!

2.  More from ISS how to Wash hands in space

3.  This is for boys But girls might be amused too!

Step 1 Place box at top of stairs


Zoom to view

Thanks Jeanette

Oink Oink!

Thanks Derek!

Inspirational thought for the day

Notice the difference?

Just like the Tour!

Sadistic artist

Thanks Derek!

At last I got my Weather station going again but not live I'm afraid!


Bright with occasional Showers 4c

Thanks for your continued support!



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