Friday, 29 March 2013

Funnies for Good Friday

Dear Family & Friends, Hoping that your Easter Holidays are going well! I am stuck indoors with a cold, which gave me time to dig up a bit more funny stuff...

1. Thanks Geoff for this....I don't know how long before this gets taken down, but for the moment it's Great!!!
Collection of Great Concert Sites

2.  Another from Geoff, I have been in some rough sea in my time, but nothing like this...

3.  To end tonight - you must relax....Watch this...

Twins mirror prank


Poor  Ol' Bill!

Smother you!

Thanks Klaus

The Carp is mine!

Play them right!

No he's not an astronaut
hes finishing off the popcorn..

Pervy or what?

Said Madonna

Thanks Klaus! zweimal!

BTW if you see just my ugly face, 
it is usually when I am working
on the stream software. I will
change that when I find out how!


Mainly cloudy Cold ENE wind  4c

3Thanks for calling by!



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