Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Funnies for Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, England ground to a halt yesterday with 2-3 cms snow - nothing changes!
Now we've been trawling around for more Funny stuff, just for you!

1.  We are silly, the Belgians are equally silly so....meanwhile in Bruges

2.  How do they get those really candid pictures of polar bears, bearing in mind that we represent

3.  I am a great fan of Mythbusters! On this stunt their cannon experiment was 

4. We've seen this little guy before but he is just 

The Nutcracker?
Thanks Klaus!


Eaten Mushrooms!

Damned fine beer holder!

Stupid young things - but then......

Whose lookin?

Nothing happened

I am not sure but I believe that there is a purple tailed Godwit on that bush

Thanks John!

Oldie But Goodee!

Thanks Gloria!

Harwich Weather
from my home station

Cloud early, rain PM  3c

Thanks a Bundle folks we just passed 25,000 hits!!



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