Sunday, 24 March 2013

Funnies on Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, it was another Siberian day here today, I didn't go outside, so I had plenty of time to dig up some more funny bits...

1.  I really want one of these - LED floor

2.  This guy is an idiot! he has designed an Oreo splitter

3.  This little boy has the same hero as me and he, like me Wants it all and wants it now!


I wonder

I'm about to be famous

Yet more people of Walmart

Buying a boat!

Walk of shame!

Only in Russia!

Thought this was really funny - till I got arrested!

Just for you - the perpetual cup of tea!

Harwich Weather Live

Sorry about the ads by the way!....


Bright intervals with cold wind

Thanks for viewing!
Today we passed 26,000 hits!



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