Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, The big build up for Easter has started, getting into the supermarket was easy, getting out a 30 minute nightmare - do they really need all that food? Here are your funny Bits...

1.  Thanks Klaus - this is a gem...Dancing

2.  Thanks Geoff for this, Canadian soldiers and a Jeep!

3.  This instrument is called a Gayageum, it is played beautifully by a young girl Jimi Hendrix

Not my words - Tee hee


Is this very sweet or a bit pervy?
Lucky lamb!

Easter's coming, any excuse to be silly!

Greetings friend, I hope you've had lunch!

Meanwhile on Dovercourt seafront...

OK how much?

I remember this clown - he's lucky the council gave him his job back!

There were 2 of note....

This is not funny, new type of skimmer scam - 
Thanks Pete!

Jokes are like buses, none - then......

Thanks so much chaps!

Thanks Klaus!


Sunny Intervals remaining cold ENE wind  2c

Thanks for your continued support!



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