Monday, 22 April 2013

Funnies for the New Week

Dear Family & Friends, The New Week begins, hoping that yours will be a good one. Here are a few more bits and pieces to tickle your fancy...

1.  Thanks Susi for this, a domino marathon of - Smartphones!

2.  In the Alps someone yodelled a bit too loudly! - Massive Avalanche

3.  The Yanks and their Pranks! - this is a neat one!

Thanks Klaus!


Homework Eastern style

Your Iphone...

Martin - this is for you!

Trust google!


Teacher trumps the April Fool Prank

That feeling


Thanks Claudia!

The Cardinals seem to be getting it wrong!
Thanks Geoff!


Sunny Intervals clouding up in the afternoon.  17c max

Thanks to you we just passed 28,000 hits!



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