Saturday, 6 April 2013

Funnies for this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, How is your weekend going? Well I hope! here we had a good day with sunshine and a blistering 12c !!! Now I will try to tittilate yet again!

1.  Not much to say here - Bored on the Beach!

2.  This is a bit long but visually spectacular! - 

3.  Only a young lad but hey! -He's got soul!

The corner shopkeeper ain't gonna be robbed!


Meanwhile in Pennsylvania...

My Dream Home!

How many points

Petrol head's mindbender

Kind gift!

True - so true!

Oh Lord! America!

The wine expert

Sorry no jokes tonight so here's another animation

I think that they are amused


A bit of everything
Wind SE  7c

Thanks for taking a look!
Please tell your friends!



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