Thursday, 18 April 2013

Funnies this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, It started of well very windy but warm, then with little warning, thunder, lightning and monsoon rain! Half an hour later sun again! This week's nearly over, let's celebrate with Funnies...

1.  Another clip of crazy people doing amazing things

2.  Throw your frizbee in the........Fountain?

3.  More lunatics - this time the joint backflip

Ah! Nice nip - slip!


Someone has loads of spare time!!!

Yes - it has gone

Prang imminent

Gordon - are you from Wales?

I like T Rex too!

Not stupid


In North Korea they even have medals
on their trousers!

Thanks Geoff!

One way to get rid!

Unobserved at the bus stop
Thanks Egg!


Sunny intervals and showers heavy at times  9c

Thanks for calling by!



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