Thursday, 6 June 2013

Funnies for this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, The week draws on...more computers to mend, but hey! There always a few more Funnies to find, the ones tonight are Boy oriented, sorry ladies - but you'll look anyway!

1.  This has been done before, but this is funny - Dancing Queen

2.  The cycle of Married Life

3. I had 30 happy years working in this place, it is now run by Dominic, who is doing a great Job!

Worth a try!


Boys will be boys but girls.....

That warm glow....

Fake and coloured up!

Very Arty!

Hmm - the whisky looks good too!

Iowa Alps!

She must be a lawyer!

Nice Kitty ( note the word!)

Thanks All!

                                                                              Thanks Egg!


 Harwich Weather from my home station

Summary for Friday

Yes more of this! Cool E breeze Max 16c

Thanks for calling by!



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