Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Funnies on Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, Halfway through the week already, must hurry to find you more ribald fun!!!

1.  This is unusual - a fretless Guitar

2.  How about a race - Between Dogs and Humans

3.  Yet another Flashmob, this time with a clever Twist


I want one!

That's the Panacea!

A very old story

Scientific debate

And so you just sit there!

Kool Dood Trap

Photoshop request completed!

Jokes galore tonight!

Harwich Weather
It has been a very good day! My Birthday present has arrived! It is a new Weather Station!
(My Birthday isn't until September, but Domestic Goddes is very kind!)
Here it is...  :-)

As you can see the station predicts a sunny day tomorrow!
No excuse not to paint the deck!

Thanks very much for your patience!



Monday, 29 July 2013

Funnies on this Monday

Dear Family & Friends, So here we are again in a new week. Hoping that yours is a good one, here are just a few more "Bits and Bobs"

1.  Honda have produced a lawnmower that goes 130 mph! Who gets to test it? They call him the Stig!

2.  Another young prodigy playing the piano

3.  Soon we shall have 3d without the glasses - it may be sooner than you think!

Toast surprise!


From Snapes.com

Hispanic "Thank you"

Did your nose go missing many years ago?

Good on you Nigella!

The Old Barrackroom trick

Feral Pigs on a Caribbean Island swim in the sea and have become a tourist attraction!

Going Boldly

Sorry no jokes so here's another animation...

Harwich weather for Tuesday

Wet wet wet  Max 20c

Thanks for calling by!



Sunday, 28 July 2013

Funnies on Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, So another week begins. Let us hope that it will bring you joy! I will be painting fences...which I am led to believe is good for the soul :-)

1.  Here's the scene a Nissan Skyline challenges a drag race to The fasteset mobility scooter in the world!

2.  More silliness... a man playing an accordion, in the forest on a unicycle

3.  Here S. Fry my hero, teaches Wossy a Little Lesson!


You work it out!

Confused? Me too!

My dear I think this is not going to be your day!

They don't seem tp be bothered...

One cubic metre of water weighs 1000 kg - think about it...

Remember me...

Mixed emotions!

Thanks Myke!

More wisdom from the QI Elves

Now a little culture
Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Sunny intervals  and possibility of rain PM  Max 21c

Thanks for continuing to put up with this!



Saturday, 27 July 2013

Funnies for Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, After a good day, it is now monsoon rain, never mind we'll dig out some more Funnies just for you!

1.  This an oldie, but this one is Close up!

2.  Boys and their toys here's 

3. This is so cool! A novel idea for a Bottle Bank

And the answer is....


We're close!

Photobomb 946

People of Walmart 346



I'm not one for cuddly chums but.................

You have to be quite old to get this - 
We miss you Shultz

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Sunny intervals  Max 23c

Thanks for your support!



Thursday, 25 July 2013

Funnies for this Thursday

Dear Family & Friends,  Despite dire warnings it was a good day here. I am struggling with a sense of humour block tonight, so apologies for the so called funny pictures!...

1.  This took patience...pregnancy timelapse

2.  Thinly disguised Flashmob "How British people greet passengers"

3.  Ravens can speak! but they sound a bit Scary!

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK.....er


Too true to be funny!

This is probably me!

Wrong grammar again love!

Just one glass a day will be Ok won't it?

Thanks Carolina!

Also from Carolina!

Flower shop for boys...

Thanks Dick!

Harwich Weather from my home station

Summary for Friday

Showers some thundery  Max 21c

Thanks for coming back again!