Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Funnies for Midweek

Dear Family & Friends, Despite the forecast we had another good day here in Harwich. Just about had time for today's Funny hunt!...

1.  QI Have a new blog it's called QI Infocloud - weirdness abounds!

2.  We call it Keepy Uppy in the US they call it Hackysack

3.  As well as Fireworks - I also love Explosions! There goes a Power station in Fort Lauderdale

You do this to encourage your friends to show more holiday pictures!

Do not say that we are not topical!
His name will be George Alexander BTW

Thanks Egg!

Nothing to say here!

Clever tip!

I have no wish to be around when he sees this!

This is a fridge magnet - I hope!

Lidless eye...

Engineers v/s Physicists

Thanks Phill!

Harwich weather from my weather station

Cloudy, sunny intervals - possible rain later  Max22c

Thanks for calling by!



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