Monday, 8 July 2013

Funnies for your New Week

Dear Family & Friends, It's continuing good weather here, but cooler tomorrow. The sunburn is easing and I found you a few more bits and pieces...

1.  A proposal with a difference... the girl is really - Busy!

2.  Just an ad, but I think that it is Inspired!

3.  These little Korean kids are cute playing their guitars, but I feel that it's just a bit Creepy!

I feel eggy oh so eggy!


I love volcanoes - but not this much!

I sometimes have nightmares like this!

Carrot and stick ?

I'm not hot I'm on guard!

For our South African Friends - Tee Hee!

Like when I'm back from Tesco!

Sorry no Jokes tonight so here's another clip...

Harwich Weather summary for Tuesday

More of the same but cooler  Max 18c

Many thanks once again - we just passed 35,000 hits!



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