Sunday, 14 July 2013

Funnies on Sunday

Dear Family & Friends, It was another super day here in Olde Harwich. Not too hot, did a few chores, and found time to dig out a few more nuggets just for you!...

1.  Buzz Aldrin Briefs Buzz Lightyear about space - and Believe it or not he did go!

2. Beautiful Timelapse of Sweden

3.  More weirdness Man powered Helicopter flight


It took me a minute or two - please don't mail me the answer!

Words of wisdom for today

Not what it seems!

One way I guess!

Remember these? They were quite awful but seemed to last forever
The Lada was later banned in EU because of emissions!

Thanks James May

I thought that girls only glistened!

George Seagal being silly
If he sees you, you will be in the Lublianka!

Thanks Chaps!

Harwich Weather Summary for Monday

Yet more of this and warmer... Max 23c

Thanks for calling by!



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