Monday, 1 July 2013

Funnies on this Monday

Dear Family & Friends, It was a "Not too bad" day here today a bit busy with computers again despite being "Retired" here are a few more little gems for your amusement...

1. So the Fireworks Factory blew up! - Really!

2.  The Paper towel trick - it really is Magic!

3.  Ever wonder about sound effects at the movies? Here's how!

4.  Here's a nice Timelapse of London

Give me a high five - mmmm all right then


Wookie steak

Unfortunate comparison

Boys - Guess!

This chap blogs from Antarctica!

She will be prime minister!

Novel tip promo!

Sorry no jokes tonight so here are some "Fail" 

Harwich weather summary for Tuesday

Dull dull dull!  Max 16c

Thanks for calling by!



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