Monday, 29 July 2013

Funnies on this Monday

Dear Family & Friends, So here we are again in a new week. Hoping that yours is a good one, here are just a few more "Bits and Bobs"

1.  Honda have produced a lawnmower that goes 130 mph! Who gets to test it? They call him the Stig!

2.  Another young prodigy playing the piano

3.  Soon we shall have 3d without the glasses - it may be sooner than you think!

Toast surprise!


From Snapes.com

Hispanic "Thank you"

Did your nose go missing many years ago?

Good on you Nigella!

The Old Barrackroom trick

Feral Pigs on a Caribbean Island swim in the sea and have become a tourist attraction!

Going Boldly

Sorry no jokes so here's another animation...

Harwich weather for Tuesday

Wet wet wet  Max 20c

Thanks for calling by!



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