Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Funnies on this Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, We are half way though the week already! I hope that yours is going well. Mine not too wonderful, long wait at the health centre for prescriptions, also in the chemist, and to cap it all I spilled ketchup on the new carpet........hangs head in abject shame. To redeem the day - I found some stuff just for you!

1.  Thanks Derek for this - in India - new piling Method

2.  Pure joy! a Dublin Taxi driver joins in " Get Lucky"

3.  Watch the weirdest Drumkit in the world!

Newton may have been wrong - magnetic bullet


It's the Camera van

Chilly round the bits!



Things boys do

Oh! Monday monday...

Lordy the times that I would have liked to say this!

Working Bear

Harwich Weather summary for Thursday

Mainly sunny cool NE wind max 17c

Thanks for your continuing support!



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