Thursday, 18 July 2013

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, It was another ordinary day in Harwich. I found myself up to my ears in computers, but was able to clear them up in time to dig out some more Fun Stuff - just for you!

1.  My Thanks to Egg for this one...unbelievably bad behaviour off Singapore - Ship crash

2.  From Klaus - help yourself to a Cup of coffee!

3.  Take a tune and if you try you can always do a 


Light shines on the crown jewels!

No contest!



Buzz would be proud!

Car is horrified!

Thanks Matt!

Photoshop - but clever

Sorry no jokes tonight - so here's another clip

Thanks Klaus!

Harwich Weather from my home station
Sorry the wind direction is still back to front!

Harwich Weather Summary for Friday

Sunny but cooler  Max 22c

Thanks for your continuing support!



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