Thursday, 1 August 2013

Funnies on Thursday

Dear Family & Friends, One of the hottest days in Harwich today, we had a sea breeze thank goodness. Now in the cool of the evening,23c I can clear my mind and dig around for some more amusement - just for you!

1.  Thanks Gloria for this - the very biggest container ship Ever!

2.  The Koreans are really smart! Here's their idea to save Oil

3.  An Awww! moment - baby owl learning to hunt


Know how you feel love!

This is Spencer


Using Engrish - again!

Seen off the Isle of Wight - Vlad's up to something!

Always read the small print!

Thanks Lucia!

Now this isn't what it seems, but then they are Kiwis.......

Thanks Pete

Watch carefully - this is mad!
Thanks Phill !

Harwich Weather from my (shiny new) Weather Station

Summary for Harwich Friday

A bit of everything showers possible PM  Max22c

Thanks for your support!



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