Monday, 28 October 2013

Funnies for the New Week

Dear Family & Friends, The storm passed, we were lucky only lost a patio set cover. Many on the south coast had it worse. Now we have just a breeze. Staying indoors gave me and my friends time to dig up yet more funny stuff...

1.  I admire artisan skill, here a man makes a Glass Horse

2.  Silly but the sort of thing that amuses me 

3.  More silliness a Canadian Motorbike Band

Loris eats veeeeeery slowleeeee!


Yup it's a test!


So Gross! So drunk and needed somewhere to sleep! Sheeesh!

Not porn in Europe!

You forgot to shave and your tie's not straight!

Thanks Gloria and Geoff!

Can't do this in Europe!

Sadistic Bastard!

Thanks Maureen!

 Halloween is nigh!
Thanks Claudia!

Joke Central

Derek's Joke
Thanks all!

The Wonderful Earth (Compilation)

Forecast for Harwich on Tuesday

Sunny intervals and showers cooler Max 11c

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