Saturday, 5 October 2013

Funnies on Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, How's it going then? OK I hope, we are continuing to nurse colds, although the end is in sight - just hacking coughs now. This has not deterred me from digging up a few more bits of humour just for you!

1.  Here is a clever timelapse A year in 40 seconds

2.  Look out! Beware! The Pixels are coming!

3.  Nice Tilt Shift of New York

4.  It's Rush Hour at the end of Ramadan - Unbelieveable

Big Whoops!


The Internet

News Leak!

Bring Balance

Rev it up!

Some of you will get this - some may not!

Clue......Dulcinea del De Bozo

Goosed Ya!

Leather seat
Thanks Geoff!

Nice caterpillar - nasty caterpillar

Joke Central

Geoff's Joke

Dick's Joke

More Wisdom from the QI Elves

Clever tactics!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Overcast but dry   Max 17c

Thanks for your continuing support!



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