Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Funnies on Tuesday

Dear Family & Friends, The painting is finished - until the Spring! Now I can concentrate on more important things such as finding more Pictorial Oddities - just for you!

1.  This from Gloria in Holland, (Thanks Gloria) it is a clever Morph of our Queen to celebrate her 
Diamond Jubilee
Sorry takes a while to load, but worth waiting for!

2.  Some of you may not recognise this....sorry I forgot who sent it to me  :-(  Typwriter Symphony

3.  This young lady loves her new Suit !


Change 'em!

Er - I think we loaded everything?

Hell I do like  Fairies!

He just noticed......


Not a real one!

Yup in Denmark it's a speed limit!


Thanks Pete!

Joke Central

Experiment - still trying to do
Power Point
Sorry You have to press the "Present" button followed by the "Play"arrow!
Thanks Claudia

Harwich Weather for Wednesday

Unsettled, rain by PM  Max 13c

Thanks for calling by!



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