Friday, 22 November 2013

Anniversary Funnies for the Weekend

To Kick off , this from Sweden

Thanks Derek!

Not sure how this is going to end!


It's on it's way - if you hadn't noticed - Humbug!

Oh! Pooh!

Meanwhile at Tesco, which word shall we abbreviate?
Assorted of course!

Well now that's really becoming!

Er - isn't that Tommy from
Third Rock from the Sun?

Rough Justice (I particularly like this  :-)

Who you gonna call?

Thanks George (Mr Sulu)

What may happen if you must show off!

Joke Central and other Bonus Stuff...

This is a Boys only Page Girls please look away now! 

Thanks Gloria!

Finally Thanks so much to all our loyal followers!



PS Too knackered to do a weather forecast tonight - back next time

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