Saturday, 16 November 2013

Funnies for this Saturday

Dear Family & Friends, Yesterday in UK we had "Children in Need" the annual fund raising Telethon. They raised £31,000,000 !!!
A rock concert was held a couple of days before, and in a change to normal format, I am showing a couple of clips.
Thanks to Bob for pointing me in this direction....

 Jeff Lynne (ELO) plays "Mr Blue".....for my generation
it is grrrrrrrreat!

While digging around for this - I found this - 
Agnetha has not performed on stage in UK for 25 years
All together now - Aaaahhhhhh!

Go on! Play it full screen you know you want to! :-)

This really is the best way to pull!


Congrats to Nurse Nicole!

This chaps is the only way to stay safe!

Who designed this? Vlad the impaler?

Third World Crossing

Well helloooo Mrs Boba Fett!

Of course - no chance!

Ha Ha Justice rules!

Share your feelings

Sorry no jokes today, so here's another animation...

Harwich Weather for Sunday

Rather cloudy for much of the morning with patchy rain or drizzle possible in places. Brighter conditions slowly developing by the early afternoon. Maximum temperature 10 degrees Celsius.
Thanks Essex Weather Centre!

Thanks for calling by!



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