Friday, 29 November 2013

Funnies for the Weekend

Dear Family & Friends, The Weekend is here again, let's hope it will be up to expectations.Today was grey and dull, a bit like the inside of my head at the moment. Never mind, time now for a bit more mirth....

1.  Thanks Paul for this, a bit long, but fun! - 

2.  A rare cloud form seen over Texas Morning Glory

3.  A university Choir cover "Royals" 
N.B nearly as good as Harwich Sing!

I think the Russians have discovered perpetual motion!


Sorry but I loved this one!

No contest!

Yuk that's cheap!

Maybe he's just proud of his brolly

Sheltering under an icon

Ah! - I think I understand now...

With the coincidence of Hannukah and Thanksgiving - thought this was nice!

Yes Chocolate

Gender stereotyping

Joke Central

Thanks as ever!

Late Entry from South Africa

Thanks Elna!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Early showers dying away to leave a dry and fairly sunny day. Fresh to strong North-Westerly winds will gradually ease and feeling less cold as a result. Maximum temperature 9 degrees Celsius.
Thanks Essex Weather Centre

Thanks for your loyal support!



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