Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Funnies on Wednesday

Dear Family & Friends, Rain, then more rain! We have something to talk about! We are approaching issue number 500, it's 498 tonight, so I'm planning something special on that day - here's a challenge to my dear contributors, - scratch your heads for me please!

1.  This is an ad for PS4 - but funny and very Clever!

2.  We call them Brewer's Dreymen, these from Dublin are unloading kegs - You wouldn't have done that with wooden barrels boys!

3.  On the moon things didn't always go smoothly, here in '72 Charles Duke drops his hammer!

Take a leaf blower, a couple of loo rolls and....mayhem!


First move your cow...

I hate the things!


One of those unfortunate Engrish moments!

Kudos if you get this first time!

Thanks George Takei (Mr Sulu)

It said "Only couples" !

Only in Russia 674

Thanks Natasha

Clear the slate with a punchup!

Joke Central

Thanks John

Thanks to David Ling

Harwich Weather for Thursday

A few bright or sunny spells possible, though many areas will see largely cloudy skies with a continuing risk of wintry showers. Cold once again in fresh to strong North-Easterly winds. Maximum temperature 7 degrees Celsius.
Thanks Essex Weather Centre

Thanks for calling by!



Naked men dancing with crispbreads


Thanks Jules!

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