Friday, 7 February 2014

Weekend Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, So it goes on, more rain for the weekend! Never mind....time for Funnies!

100 hours work 2 seconds, his world - ends - Oh! S**t!


North American way to stop points freezing (no "wrong sort of snow" here!)

Just looking for somewhere to drop in

You may be a nice looking girl - but look around you!

Any Canine will fall for a good bum scratch!

Photo bomb 931

Can anyone please tell me what is elegant or nice about this?......

Sochi has begun, here's Vlad basking in the Limelight!

Thwaites Brewery made a load of guys redundant, maybe they should
 have spared the electricians!

Perfect timing!

Hey - you missed a bit!

Joke Central

Thanks Derek!

This Raven can talk like Severus Snape and a Japanese kid!

Harwich Weather for Saturday

Dry, bright start with some sunshine before showers arrive on a strengthening Southerly breeze. Showers becoming heavy and frequent during the afternoon with a risk of hail and thunder. Winds peaking late-afternoon with gusts of 50-55 miles per hour along the Essex coast. Maximum temperature 10 degrees Celsius.
Rainfall Risk: 95 % | Rainfall Amount: 2-3 mm | Sunrise: 7.25 am
 Thanks Essexweather.com!

Thanks for your continuing support!



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