Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, Tomorrow our number 1 Son, his Wife and 3 Children arrive for the holidays. It would seem unlikely that I shall be able to do blogging for several days. Therefore we wish you all where ever you are in the World, a very Happy Christmas, and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. As a bonus you get extra pictures!

So this is Christmas

Little B*ggers got in on the act again!

These holidaymakers had a very special encounter

Thanks Gloria!


Harwich Church - Only kidding - it's 13c here today - that was years ago!

Whoops pressed the wrong button on the printer!

My friends the Danes have this saying

Naughty Brian!

Thanks Robert! (F)

Makes a change from tinsel!

I get phone calls.........

Make that £3.00 in UK!

This is what Dads are for!

Why not eh?

Novel way to break the news!

Thunder thighs!

Not too original but....

It is Monday........little sods!

The Cousin's Spelling is at least consistent

They are advanced these days!

I think that we have all been here at some time....

Modern way of saying it!

Too true!

At least the wheels are still on!

Thanks Derek!

To end more favourite Christmas lights!

So to all our contributors, a really big thank you! Please keep them coming!



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