Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, All quiet in Old Harwich today, lent a hand putting up the Christmas decorations, i.e mad scramble to find charged up batteries, and powerstrips to handle the upcoming huge drain on our power system! Hey Ho! - it only comes once a year!

So now I will attempt once again to entertain y'all...

How to embarass people - very quickly!

This is very clever - don't know how it's done, techy coders no doubt!

Thanks Martin (IL)

Johnny Cash passed away right? Maybe not when you hear this young lad!
(Bit long suggest you start at 1.30)


Over the intercom you hear "This is your captain speaking and I am comletely naked"
What would you do?

Cover them up love - or they will freeze and drop off

Now I thought that the selfie stick was stupid, but how about these?

Mr Cool - not!

Do you have a naughty kiddie who keeps running off? 
There is a way to stop them - here's how!

Yup it's a Croissant!

Not much to say - they all do that!

Boys this is the absolute end.....end.....end !

Call in the Software man!

They say it is Decebal - I thought it was  Jabba the Hut !

Novel way to keep your beer cool, but how to retrieve it?

It's snowing I will wear a coat - Off to Walmart no doubt!

Lithuanian Joke 1

If a man's face is smeared with mayonnaise and vegetable salad-means he is drunk. And if a woman's face is smeared with salad on Christmas Eve-this is just a cosmetic mask.

Lithuanian Joke 2

Announcement: We are selling fried chickens in bulk. Any queries refer to the Board of Directors of the burnt chicken factory!

Thanks Rita (LT)

A couple of comments from FB

Inbox filled with Christmas Deals!!! and Gift Ideas!!!! Each one a ghost of Stupid Purchase Past.

I hugged Iron Man once, all the creases disappeared from my clothes.

I cannot do this....

Harwich Weather for Monday

Mostly cloudy first thing with the odd spot of rain here and there, but brighter conditions should soon break through with a dry and sunny afternoon expected. Strengthening North-Westerly breeze. Maximum temperature 7 degrees Celsius.
Precipitation Probability: 35 % | Precipitation Amount: 0-1 mm | Sunrise: 7.50 am
 Thanks Essexweather.com !

Thanks to you we just passed 102,0000 hits!



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