Saturday, 7 February 2015

Saturday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a "Stay indoors" day today, I gave two computers a severe thrashing, and am now about to go out this evening to an art exhibition private view. Therefore I am producing my masterpiece early tonight. Enjoy!

Not new but worth a look wait till the very end!

Thanks Derek!

Mother Nature is Wonderful!

Thanks Keren (IL)


In Quebec the kids plotted to snowball the staff so the teachers formed a Roman Phalanx!


That look you get from Teeagers when you insist they show you what they're trying on!

Welcome to Bates' Motel !

Put a wig on your dog - and scare the hell out of the neighbours

Airforce Showoffs!

Thanks Martin (IL)

More guns per capita in Switzerland than anywhere else on Earth
This is an Apple shop!

Check 'em out girls!

Could be me!

This is unbelieveably stupid!!!

Did you know that the nasty old bastard Mugabe has been trying to suppress this picture of him falling A over T !!!

Boy's corner - ladies please look the other way!

True or false? My guess is fake!

Man! Look at that fluffy pillow!

Fake! - Nice eyes though! - and red hair!

Thanks Chaps!

Radioshack went bankrupt yesterday, sorry to see them go, spent many an hour browsing!
This old ad is very ironic - watch for some familiar faces!

Harwich Weather for Sunday

It will stay mostly dry with occasional sunny spells likely. Despite the winter sunshine and light winds, it will still feel chilly. Maximum temperature 7 degrees Celsius.
Precipitation Probability: 10 % | Precipitation Amount: 0 mm | Sunrise: 7.25 am
 Thanks Essexweather.com

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