Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wednesday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was another busy day here in Harwich, three calls today which took up most of it, having dined and then had 40 winks, now it is time to concentrate on the work in hand - creating pictorial fun - just for you!

When we were young, there was rock, and country - and not least - The Twist!

German fun - with tanks!


That feeling having eaten too many treats on Halloween!

Leonardo being "wounded" for "The Revenant"

She just realised that she has very long fingers

Barbecue - South African friends Ha Ha!

Thanks Pieter!

You can see both!

Little T*rd


He takes his personal hygene very seriously!

Tale of Woe!!!

The dog sitters sent us a picture of our bulldog playing - she's a complete tart!


Cracked it!

Where's Tibbles then?

Thanks Gloria!

Leonardo at the Lego shop dreaming.....

Shoes for German Gangster's Moll

Thanks Klaus!


Same stuff  several years in between!

I didn't did I ????

Love Raymond!!!

Yet another First World Problem !

Serves you right Sunbeam!

Thanks Klaus!

Now for a mini Mancave
thanks to Jeremy!

Harwich Weather for Thursday

Cold with a fair amount of sunshine breaking through. South Easterly winds 12mph, gusting 22mph Min -1c  Max 5c  Chance of rain 10%
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your support!



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