Monday, 22 February 2016

Monday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a grey drizzly sort of day in Little Old Harwich today. I did a few call outs fixing friends' computer problems, and also ironing out connection problems with my server. At last that seems to be working as it should. So having finished the washing up, it is now my chance to hopefully amuse you with more of "The Usual"

My guess is that this constitutes murder - but can you blame him?

Thanks Susi!

A train driver with a sense of humour!

Thanks again Susi!


Seen in China - Coming home from market!

When ordering he stupidly said "Send it with love" - so they did!

Just love the Cousin's slogans!


He gets worse!

The Baked Potato icon looks like steaming poo with glasses!

This Gamer's Mother in Law  gave him what
 she thought was an appropriate present!

A very good argument to try and choose a window seat!


Good to see a city council with a sense of fun!

Bonsai pot is sad - and sits in the corner

The Japanese are growing pears in moulds so they resemble Buddha

When he turned over his presentation spoon.......!

JOKES - A good crop tonight!
Thanks chaps!

Meet Alexandr Hrustevich playing in Vilnius capital of Lithuania
"Summer" Vivaldi

Harwich Weather for Tuesday

Dry with plenty of sunshine, but still rather cool. North Westerly winds 12mph, gusting 21mph  Max 8c  Min 1c  Chance of rain 20% 
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your support!



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