Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday's Funnies

Dear Family and Friends, It was a bright but windy day here in Harwich. I amused myself hunting for funny clips and pictures, and very quickly it was evening and time for me to publish, so here we go!

There's a mini theme developing tonight.....Ladies of a certain age!

Item 1 Older Ladies

2 Bitchin' Babes


Welcome to Ireland

The Incomparable Douglas Adams
When asked it The Meaning of Life and everything really is 42

First attempt at a Selfie with her Toucan - not going too well!

A comparison!

Science - comments


Sorry yet another!

I want one!

Perhaps a good way to smuggle vodka!

Typical - in the Biggest Capitalism in the World!

I hope that you're not eating your dinner!
This is called auto suggestion!
Thanks Jamie!

Aussie Dunny - when you're in the wilds you have to be wild!

Thanks Jeanette!

I wonder where Granny has got to!

Always love a good pun!

Thanks Mags!

Today's Philosophical comment!

 Thanks Again Mags!

Clever Crossing sign from Sweden

Thanks Martin!

In just a few minutes and the kids have turned the kitchen into a sinister place!

Yes lad I do agree you were hit by a soccer ball!

It appears that last night's bender did not end well!

The big question!

It's only a gorilla made from coat hangers!

Happy Family group!

His wife told him to cut her sandwich in half - which he did!

Meet Jacob Tolliver.......Jerry Lee Lewis lives!

In 3-2-1......

Thanks Gloria!

Harwich Weather for Monday

Here comes storm Imogen!!!

Very windy with frequent showers during the morning. South Westerly winds 28mph, gusting 47mph  Max 11c  Min 8c  Chance of rain 95% Rainfall 5mm.
Thanks Essexweather.com

Thanks for your continued support!



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